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Who am I and why am I doing this.



2021-10-02 2 min read


I need a website RIGHT NOW!!!

The inspiration for this site comes from Network Chuck . Specifically, Chuck's YouTube post (291) you need a website RIGHT NOW!!!

Chuck, suggests that all IT professionals should have their own website for a bunch of reasons. Watch the video for more detail. He ran a poll of his followers on YouTube and Twitter and found that 80% did not in fact have their own site. I suspect that this is mostly because they are not Web developers, educators, narcissist's or feel like they have much to say. Not to mention whether anyone would even look. - Well, at least that is my excuse.

This is not really my first website, or blog. I do start them from time to time and end up deleting them because I got bored and neglected it and then got sick of paying for something I wasn't using. Maybe I will do it again, but you never know, I might stick to it.

For this time round, I'm going to try and make this a personal blog, covering what interests me today, how I progress through my hobbies and projects and see where that takes me. In a way it is a public journal, but I'll try and spare you, dear reader, from any emotional regurgitation.

The image associated with this inaugural post was the default sample image! However, for me, it succeeds in capturing the idea of this site being an empty vault just waiting to be populated with new creations. No doubt this is the same for most who create a new site, but it worked for me and so I chose to keep it. Hopefully my imagery becomes more original in time.

Who am I

I'm a middle aged IT professional, who works for a not for profit organisation. I have worked for this org for over 10 years and am fairly settled. The thought of changing employers now is anxiety inducing! One day I may brave it, but my current job isn't too bad, most of the time. My IT career started in a subsidiary of a well known Australian company in the early 2000's after a secondment as a trainer for a ERP implementation. I spend a few years working the helpdesk and was then promoted to a supervisor role for service desk and level 3 support. I enjoyed some aspects of this leadeship role, but I missed being hands on and found many aspects of supervising too dry for my taste and I really struggled when it came to disciplinary situations. I left the role at the end of 2005 feeling burnt out. So I went backpacking and tried to reset. Today I work as an applications administrator looking after a diverse range of primarily client/server applications. Everything from case management systems to payroll, with a growing mix of self and web hosted solutions as we slowly move from legacy thick clients and SQL databases.

So Chuck, if you ever read this. I blame you. :) Seriously though, you had some good points. Here's my attempt.

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